Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Let us recognize reality.

Let us recognize reality. Any invader got away with booty from India - almost none was defeated summarily - perhaps repulsed. In the last three wars with Pakistan, none was a definite victory for India and thechinese war was a massive defeat for India. It is not enough to say we are peace lovers - other peace lovers are goat, sheep, deer, cows and buffallos - they all end up in the stomachs of some carnivores. You don't find a peace loving lion or tiger - they love peace on their terms - not on other terms. The lack of aggression comes from overwhelming vegetarianism practiced among Indians. We need to do some introspection and convert our selves to meat eating - thus - we can equip future generations to be stronger - only when we have a strong body - aggression comes to surface - and only as aggressive tigers - can we survive and thrive. I invite all to do realistic introspection - without hiding behind rhetoric and quoting scriptures. Look at history - if you forget history - you are bound to repeat it .


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