Sunday, October 30, 2005

Who is a Minority ?

“Let us raise the fundamental question as to who should be called a minority? In reality Minorities are those who migrate from other countries and settle here. In that sense only the Jews and Parsis fall under the category of minority. But they refused to call themselves as minorities and fully integrated themselves in the national mainstream. 99% of the Muslims and 99.9% of the Christians in India have not come from outside. They belong to this land only. They might have changed their religion a few generations ago, but how come that makes them minorities? There is complete freedom of worship in this land because the Hindus believe that truth is one while the learned call it by different names and all those different paths to realise that truth are also equally true. Therefore mere change of religion does neither change one's motherland nor the ancestors. Hence those who are being categorised as minorities today must take a stand that they are not minorities and they are an integral part of this national society.”

So, should there be minority-majority differentiation in India?


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